Mombasa & Dar Es Salaam to Speed up Shipping Operations

Kenya and Tanzania have made major strides over the past one year in improving operations in their key ports, a new shipping survey shows. According to the survey, the two ports have significantly cut cargo dwell time, reducing the cost of doing business in the region. The improvements at the Dar es Salaam and Mombasa ports have boosted efficiency, though they are still way below the internationally acceptable standards of a maximum of three days dwell time.

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New sea port in East Africa

Demand for port capacity in East Africa is rising rapidly, and possibilities for expansion in the existing ports are limited. Studies indicate that, by 2016, a new port north of Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) should be operational, serving, as a regional hub, the needs of the total (captive and non-captive) hinterland of East African ports. The objective of this article is to assess the economic potential, in terms of logistics costs of alternative hub-port locations. To that effect we first describe the flow of goods in the Nairobi – Durban port range and the landlocked countries; the available inland transport options; and the related transport costs and quality of service aspects.

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Africa Vision 2020: Role of PAL

In its long term economic development plan, Vision 2020 , Rwanda aims at becoming a knowledge-based economy and in this endeavour the development of the services sector is considered as a critical pillar. Since the initiation of Vision 2020, Rwanda has made much progress towards attaining these objectives and surpassing some targets. We at Pan-African Logistics are passionate about providing logistics infrastructure and distribution services; one of the key sectors identified in the Vision 2020 Plan for further development.

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