Mobile Apps to help save money on fuel

1. A hyper miler’s power tool  Every geek subculture needs to have a name. The people who rigidly seek out and measure new techniques to maximize their car’s fuel economy are known as hyper milers. The newly released Kiwi 2 Bluetooth dongle, manufactured by PLX Devices, is a hyper miler’s power tool that attaches to the car’s onboard diagnostic port and wirelessly sends information contained within the car’s computer to Android, Symbian, N9, Linux or PC devices, with a previously released unit, the Kiwi 2 Wi-Fi, compatible with iPhones and iPads. The product transmits data to an app that displays pages and pages full of graphical gauges and statistics showing all sorts of details about real-time engine performance; check engine trouble codes, and mountains of metrics concerning fuel use and efficiency. Users can track very detailed stats since their last fill-up, including max speed, number of stops, idle time and other driver-controllable variables so that the dedicated sorts can establish what circumstances may have caused increases or decreases in excess gas consumption, and adjust their driving habits accordingly.

2. Android and Blackberry have a top advantage  Zone Walker LLC’s a Car vehicle management for Android and Blackberry 10 platforms is arguably the best mobile app for tracking driving statistics, car maintenance and fuel economy. Users need only enter information about their car and its present mileage and then input information with each gas station or maintenance visit in order to track fuel efficiency, cost of gasoline over the course of the year and much, much more.

A very cool feature of aCar is its ability to export data to Excel-compatible CSV files so that historical numbers can be maintained, and it’s designed to manage multiple cars at once so you can not only monitor all of the nuances of your own fuel efficiency, but also those of loved ones who will surely appreciate the scrutiny.

More than just a fuel saving app, aCar also monitors maintenance visits and costs, and can list car-related expenses for work and taxes. But the fuel economy functionality alone is great for those wanting to chart and parse their way to efficiency

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